Aug 04, 2017 / Products
Pao by chiandchi

Pao is a minimalist table and wall clock created by Taiwan-based design studio chiandchi. Pao’s pronunciation is similar to “bread” and “telling” in Mandarin. By trimming the unnecessary and keeping the design as simple as possible, the clock is intended to make people focus on reading time itself, detaching from all that makes their mind restless for a moment. Just like taking a little pause every time when you read the clock and stay in the present. It is a two-way clock which can be either mounted on the wall or placed on the table. Thanks to its silent movement and weight (the outer case is made of zinc alloy), it allows the clock to quietly and stably stay still in any room and tell the time softly but firmly. Pao features a two-tone shell with brass hands and comes in two colors, white and blue.