Oct 01, 2012 / office
Another Desktop Series by Another Country



Location: United Kingdom

 is a minimal design created by England-based designer  for . Simon Donald is a London based product designer. He studied Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art and later completed an MA in Design Products at the RCA.

This family of desk objects is made up of individual, but compatible, objects that each fulfil a specific task: A tall Pencil Pot to hold all writing ephemera, a Sharpener Pot (with motif handle) that neatly collects your shavings, a Tape Dispenser with utilitarian brass serrated arm and, lastly, a small container. Like all Another Country objects, the Desktop series is especially functional whilst also possessing a timeless charm. The products are made from maple, brass, and rubber, and crafted entirely in the United Kingdom.

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