May 19, 2017 / Products
Lu Lamp by Lera Moiseeva x Alissa Coe

Lu Lamp is a minimalist lamp created by designers Lera Moiseeva x Alissa Coe, which can be viewed at Sight Unseen Offsite. The collaboration between Moiseeva and Coe was inspired by a common interest in the quality and beauty of porcelain and by a common attraction to classical forms and the iconic objects of everyday life. Together they have created an object that has a friendly, familiar feeling while still possessing a minimalist elegance. The inspiration for the name lu was taken from the shapes that form the lamp, a rectangle and a dome, which resemble the letters “l” and “u”. These two shapes stacked together form a classic lamp composition. The lu lamp plays with that icon and the balance between the two simple forms. “We wanted to explore the contrast between the soft translucent white shade, which almost seems to float in the air, and the sharp opaque black cylindrical base, solid and heavy, which grounds the lamp both visually and physically. The two are connected only by a simple cut in the material, captured in careful balance.”