Sep 06, 2012 / lighting
Samba by Brad Stebbing



Location: Australia

has created hanging lampshades for HIVE using traditional Vietnamese techniques. Rather than using individual strips of material, these lampshades are created with rattan rods. Rattan rods, unlike bamboo rods, are solid, smooth, regular in size, and most importantly, stronger than bamboos.

Rattan poles are cut from a variety of vine-like palms according to their intended use, some more flexible for weaving, as was done for Samba, and others more rigid for structural purposes. Samba works well grouped together, for perhaps a kitchen counter, or solo, for a deskspace. The use of these distinct materials makes this product visually appealing even while looking at the inside of the shade, something that many other shades cannot do. Available in multiple colors, this product is sure to brighten up any space; No pun intended.

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