Jun 30, 2012 / Accessories
Edwin by Natalia Coll

Edwin is a minimal fruit squeezer designed by Natalia Coll. (5)

Name: Edwin

Designer: Natalia Coll

Location: Spain

Edwin is a minimal fruit squeezer designed by Spain-based designer Natalia Coll. Proclaimed to be sustainable and everlasting, Edwin is an electronic squeezer made of wood and ceramic. The components within the machine are easily replaceable, and all of the pieces can be disposed without harm to the environment.

I was first attracted to this fruit squeezer by its minimalist design, but now I’m impressed by its function and depth. Again, we’ve got the white and wood combo we all love, but don’t be fooled by its simplistic appearance, Edwin has a slew of moveable components inside to make the juicing process completely automated. Although she’s just getting out of school, I see a bright future for Natalia Coll. Best of luck to her.

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