Apr 29, 2015 / Interiors
Tumamigui by Nendo

Tumamigui is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nendo. The project is a total redesign of the conveyor-belt sushi restaurant ‘Sushiro’ – including a new name, logo, graphics, cutlery, uniforms and interior – on the occasion of its move to a format more suitable to urban locations. In order to create a more comfortable environment for solo female diners, a new system has been introduced that allows orders to be customized using a tablet device. The customer can choose from a wide range of options, including the amount of rice and wasabi, the size of seafood pieces, and other toppings and sauces to suit their preferences. So far, large ‘Sushiro’ stores have been able to respond to a large amount of orders due to their operational excellence, and the idea was to extend this excellence to a smaller-sized restaurant to fulfill detailed orders rapidly.