Jan 09, 2017 / Interiors
SL by Sigurd Larsen

is a minimal kitchen design created by Berlin-based designer  for . Sigurd Larsen’s kitchen design comes in three different models. All kitchen fronts are made out of a post plate in various materials with a 2mm aluminum plate folded around it. The first model is a powder coated aluminum front in the color anthracite with a 16 mm black MDF post plate. The second model is a powder coated aluminum front in white with a 15 mm post plate in birch plywood that has been treated with white wax. The two kitchen designs that are powder coated is painted with “Structura”, which gives the surface a rougher texture. The third kitchen design is a raw round brushed aluminum version with a post plate in 15 mm grey recycled plastic. The raw aluminum will change color over time, and it will oxidize a bit, providing a slightly darker glow.