Jun 27, 2012 / Architecture
Hanare by Schemata



Location: Chiba, Japan

is a minimalist house located in Chiba, Japan, designed by . The home was inspired by the profile of the mountain surroundings. The architects wanted to maintain a simplicity to the structure to allow for flexible changes in the future. The lighting, plumbing, furniture, and partitions are all attached to the hybrid steel-timber frame. Low-E glass was used for insulation, and an elongated roof provides shade from heat and light.

If you look at where this house is located, it honestly doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a shack or a mansion – the view itself is priceless. However, I’m not a huge fan of timber, and I feel as though the interior space looks somewhat unfinished. I’m certain when a family moves in and starts adding a few furniture pieces and accessories around, this will be a dream home to live in.

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