Aug 02, 2012 / Interiors
Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann



Location: Barcelona, Spain

 is a minimalist house located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by . The alley in which the building resides receives little sunlight, and the architects had to resort to innovative tactics to maximize lighting. As a result, a cross section of lit-up ceilings intersect each other in the physical center of the apartment. The whiteness is juxtaposed against the untouched and raw stones used centuries before.

“By creating the wooden objects we have no ‘floor surface’ but are walking on a wooden volume. There are no defined surfaces like walls and floors, but urban elements and volumes that we can use freely.”

The contrast between the old and new is rather extreme. The whiteness is stark, pure, and clinical while the untouched old structure is urban, imperfect, and industrial. However, I can’t tell which variation I love more; both the white and industrial interiors have characteristics that appeal to me. In the end, the union of these two spaces is what really matters.

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