Jun 14, 2018 / Interiors
Mt. Tanakusan Kuramae Temple by naoyamatsumoto design

Mt. Tanakusan Kuramae Temple is a minimalist temple located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by naoyamatsumoto design. This building, which consists of seven floors above the basement level, has facilities in the building for permanent recreation, transportation, a main hall, and a community space. In the basement floor of the first basement floor, the plaster of the stucco is applied to the custom-made unglazed tile baked in Tajimi. In expressing only natural and indirect lighting, the architects used the lowness of the ceiling to express the space in order to appear like a enclosed cave. On the other hand, the sixth floor was composed of walnut wood, consisting of charcoal gray marble, veneer and marble, expressing calm and luxury.

Photography by Takeshi Asano