Jan 18, 2018 / Interiors
Apartamento na Mata by Meireles + Pavan

Apartamento na Mata is a minimal residence located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Meireles + Pavan. Apartamento na Mata is a 165m2 apartment situated in the bustling neighborhood of Itam. Taking a minimalistic approach, the challenge for the architects André and Brunno was to create a young and relaxed apartment that would reflect the very receptive attitude of the owners. For a couple that loves to interact with friends and family over cooking, the main solution was to integrate all the social spaces in the apartment: the social areas such as the hall, the living room and the dining, as well as the kitchen ended up form a unique and intimate area where everything is connected. It was created a more spacious and inviting space for the hosts. To reinforce the integration, the ripped lining runs up to the dinning table, becoming a unifying element in the room. The kitchen, on the other hand, communicates itself behind a long open balcony that can be closed by sliding doors. The furniture was chosen to give the apartment a more flexible and contemporary feeling. The woodwork was designed to be clean and functional. This minimalistic approach is present in all of the studio’s works: neutral colors, open spaces and as little decoration as possible. The usage of materials such as wood and concrete were chosen to appeal to the owner’s request on a more discreet and elegant design.