Nov 01, 2017 / Furniture
Uttara by Vincent Dubourg

Uttara is a minimal table created by -based designer Vincent Dubourg for the exhibition Vortex at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. For more than fifteen years, Vincent Dubourg has dealt with form and metamorphosis. Like a blacksmith, the artist draws on fire, air and water to shape the contours of his creation. In great urgency he draws, permeates and marks his objects, drawing from deep sources within his being. Simultaneously a poet of form, artist and artisan, he guides his gesture to give voice. He expresses great admiration for nature’s genius and this incomparable model dictates each of his actions. From Dubourg’s workshop in Creuse, he creates organic, dynamic, and sculptural forms guided by the daily confrontation of nature’s beauty and the perception of time. His new collection is animated by a discreet movement, delicate pigmentation, and a breath of life. The limited edition table is constructed of aluminum.