Mar 14, 2018 / Furniture
Solid Textile Board Benches by Max Lamb

Solid Textile Board Benches are a series of minimalist benches created by London-based designer Max Lamb for Really, an initiative in partnership with Kvadrat, upcycling end-of-life textiles into new materials. The benches were part of the installation ‘Really: Designing Materials for Circularity’ shown at Salone del Mobile 2017.. Max Lamb brings deep technical knowledge and poetic restraint to material experimentation, always exploiting the natural tendencies of processes and materials in his designs. His series of 12 Solid Textile Board benches demonstrates the possibilities of Really’s Solid Textile Board. He talks to curator Jane Withers about his approach to experimentation. In describing Solid Textile Board, Lamb describes it as an intriguing material. At first you don’t quite know what it’s made of, but then once you know it’s textiles, it makes sense. There’s a warmth that comes from its textile origins. What’s also interesting is that it is a sheet material that can bend. Because it is a non-woven material made from fabric fibers, all of those fibers cross-laminate; they go in all directions. Solid Textile Board is a completely blended material that offers uniform flexibility in all directions. And whereas wood fibre is flexible but brittle, Solid Textile Board has a softness to it that withstands bending.

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