Jan 24, 2018 / Furniture
Residence by Jean Couvreur

Residence is a furniture collection created by Paris-based designer Jean Couvreur for Kann Design. The collection consists of a chair, an armchair and a table. The aim of the collection is to create strong furniture but designed as simple as possible. All the pieces of the collection are made from a steel tube structure. The cushions and the trays could be easily customized, removed and replace. Reviving Kann Design traditional know-how, the furniture is sustainable, going against the programmed obsolescence. In December 2015, the ministry of Culture and Communication entrusted Jean Couvreur Design and NeM architects with the collaborative renovation of 3 of these live-in artists workshops. Painters, sculptors, visual artists or musicians find their way in the varied artistic residency programs. The variety of domains implies a unique conception of spaces for each one. The international aspect of the Cité des Arts strengthens the need for living spaces able to meet with its residents’ many different customs and lifestyles. The project presents itself as a neutral ground meant to be inhabited. The volumes invite the resident to reconfigure freely as best to fit their use of space. A wide range of furniture are at hand to help them build their own living and working spaces.

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