Mar 06, 2018 / Furniture
Okito by Läufer & Keichel

is a minimalist chair created by Berlin-based designer . Okito is a stackable multi-purpose chair featuring an innovative design. The chair can be fully disassembled into its individual parts and packed flat for shipping. At the heart of the innovative design is the solid wood seat. Through the integrated, CNC-milled contours for connecting the essential parts and components, it represents the focal point of the entire static structure. The steel backrest support and frame are incorporated as two separate legs that are simply bolted in place. Besides the ergonomically moulded solid wood features – seat and backrest – the loop frame performs the function of a backrest support and improves your sitting comfort significantly. The backrest not only adapts gently to the movements of the back, it also follows the rotations of the upper body. The solid wood parts are brought to life using cutting-edge CNC milling technology.