Feb 18, 2013 / book shelf
Le Belge System by Reinhard Dienes



Location: Frankfurt, Germany

 is a minimal design created by German-based designer . Le belge system can be used as couch-table, night-table, auxiliary-table, shelf or sideboard. The piece is base on a basic construction principle: The elasticity of wood. The flexibility of Oak permits a simple and astonishing way of securing the table-top and legs together by applying pressure using butterfly-screws.

Le Belge is composed of a single table-top and four rod-like legs made out of Oak wood. Pressure is what holds the legs and table-top together using butterfly-screws strategically placed near specially designed slots were the legs are inserted.
The need for tools to setup or adjust Le Belge is therefore nonexistent. The Butterfly-screws also allow to vary the height of the table-top to any desired position. The different size table-tops can be combined with one set of legs, and the table-tops can be turned-over due to the angle of the cutouts.

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