Nov 30, 2017 / Furniture
Gridded Shelf by Hayo Gebauer

Gridded Shelf is a minimal shelf created by Berlin-based Hayo Gebauer. Gridded Shelf is a sieving unit that indirectly conducts how its user organizes their inventory. By applying different sized grid structures as shelves it directs the subdivision of things thus creating an order. Small objects fall through the wider sized grid whereas larger objects stay on top. Grids have been an underlying force of order throughout the history of architecture and design. In our observable surroundings we can identify grids everywhere. The ancient Roman civilization used a method called ‘centuriation’ for measurement of land, dividing space into squared grids. City plans all over the world followed that example and are still reality to this day.The Gridded Shelf utilizes differently scaled grids in order to provoke an order by size. It arranges the inventory by itself.Gridded Shelf is made from a 3mm lasercut steelplate and powdercoated.

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