Oct 12, 2016 / Furniture
Dektonhenge by Apparatu

Dektonhenge is a minimal design created by Barcelona-based studio Apparatu. It is a return to the origins of the study of stone, a revisiting of something basic to find a way to combine pieces that are different in nature yet whose creation is linked by a common material. It is the union of two pieces, two components, obtained via different processes. On the one hand it is the artisanal method of Xavier Mañosa, a process whose transformation involves experimenting with a digitally created rock. After transporting it to Mañosa’s studio, they took on the task of converting Dekton into a ceramic material to be moulded and sculpted to form the support for the slabs that were created industrially, The process the ceramist came up with involved transforming the material from a liquid state to a solid one, to then be polished and fired at high temperature to achieve the high resistance of Dekton.