Nov 08, 2017 / Furniture
6040 by Studio Stephan Schmid

is a set of minimal stools created by Munich-based designers . 6040 is a piece of furniture inspired by the function of the classical deposition chair in common bedrooms. It takes up its functions as well as a seat on demand and takes it to a new level. In times when housing areas in cities become smaller, the demand for furniture that adapt to this development is quite high. Furnishing has a need to become more flexible and foldable, extensible or versatile Рusable versions of products have to be well-designed and multi-functional. A good example for such a versatile use is the classic deposition chair seen in bedrooms. It is a normal dining chair, which, for the most part, is placed in bedrooms to function as a cloakroom. Only when required does the chair act as an additional seat. 6040 takes up this underlying functional variety, optimizes the use of the different functions, and assigns a clear appearance as such. 6040 is primarily a cloakroom and more specifically a valet stand to deposit worn clothes quickly and easily. When required, the cloakroom can be converted into two identical stools.