Jan 30, 2018 / Architecture
The Sun Garden by Ecker Architekten

is a minimal nursing home created by Germany-based designers . The focus of the architects initially lay on the modules of the residents’ rooms, which were designed according to the daily routine of the residents and the needs of the nursing staff. The rooms were created to be spacious and welcoming. This was important for the family-run foundation, not only as a comfort for the residents, but also to enable the nursing staff to work optimally. The light-filled interiors are developed entirely from the point of view of the residents: standing, sitting and lying down. The view into the park-like environment is always possible and offers through the floor-deep glazing bedridden residents a reference to the environment. Another focus of the design is on the common areas. The corridors of the two residential floors are expanding into recreation areas as communicative centers. These are highlighted by acoustically effective wood paneling in oak on the wall and ceiling as a separate room layer. A finely tuned range of natural surfaces creates an atmosphere with a high quality of stay despite the high hygiene requirements.