Dec 29, 2014 / Architecture
Seasonless House by Casos de Casas

Seasonless House is a minimalist house located in Castelló, Spain, designed by Casos de Casas. The house combines a particular form of urban planning that is taking place in Vinaroz, and in some places on the coast of Castellón. The city has developed a compact and suitable form of urban planning, based simultaneously on the temporality of the two main local seasons of the year. They are two ways of life in one place.

One organized around the urban and the formal, and the other organized in a more informal and hedonist environment. In the centre, housing towers accumulate and the horizontal city eliminates the diversity of allotments in front of the sea, creating an urban plan without streets and public spaces derived from the intensive use of old roads, now paved for vehicles. In this context the hot season housing of the citizens of Vinaroz or the second homes of visitors from the interior, present a city with two different habitable infrastructures.