Jun 19, 2018 / Architecture
House in Riehen by Lukas Raeber

House in Riehen is a minimal home located in Basel, Switzerland, designed by Lukas Raeber. The project is a relationship with space, structure, material and location forms the basis for the chosen architecture. Opposite pairs such as light and heavy, or supports and loads, denote the essential characteristics of the resulting design. The horizontal structure is carefully embedded in the context, as the design is based on a challenging hillside. From this situation springs the graded ground floor. Thus, the proximity and directness to the outside space is achieved and the transitions from inside and outside are seamless. There are two steps that define the respective sections of the room sequences: entrance, living, eating and cooking. The surrounding walls embedded in the terrain open up various garden and courtyard situations and illuminate the ground floor also in the rear part of the house, where the house embeds itself in the grown terrain.