Mar 20, 2017 / Architecture
House in Minami-tanabe by Fujiwara-Muro Architects

House in Minami-tanabe is a minimal residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Fujiwara-Muro Architects. The existing row house on this long, narrow property was torn down to make way for a new residence. The design adapts to the distinctive site by playing up deep lines of sight. Segmented split-level floors overlap each other, and the basement contains a multi-purpose space. The first floor reveals the entryway, while the second floor is a combined living-dining-kitchen area with desk space. The third floor contains the bedrooms and bathrooms, and above that is a rooftop area. Scattered staircases connecting the split-level floors create multiple up-down circulation routes, giving form to an image of wandering through the house rather than moving monotonously within it. The nature of the site is ill-suited to gazing at exterior views, so the idea was not simply to design a place for spending time but rather think about about time. Outside, a stainless-steel chain curtain hangs across the façade.