Dec 29, 2017 / Architecture
House in Higashi Ohwada by CASE-REAL

is a minimal residence located in Chiba, Japan, designed by . The project is a wooden architecture plan situated at the bottom of a bamboo forest where a small river also flows. The site where the sound of the river can constantly be heard, was chosen by the client who is a photographer. Here, the volumes of the structures were placed along the river, creating a long two layer volume. Thus the sound of flowing water can be heard in all the rooms which also have a view facing the stream. This house also functions as the photographers studio. Here we have created a studio space on the second floor, and the living space on the ground floor, and by connecting these two floors with a well-hole we aimed to gently link the atmosphere of these separate floors. In addition, by stretching the living room outwards to the stream as an outdoor wood deck, we aimed to take in the surrounding nature as much as possible.

Photography by Takumi Ota

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