Oct 26, 2014 / Architecture
Bussum Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Bussum Garden Studio is a minimalist house located in Bussum, Netherlands, designed by Serge Schoemaker Architects. The Garden Studio in Bussum involves the design and construction of a freestanding shed in a private garden that functions as a study, guest accommodation and storage. The challenge to fit a relatively large structure in a long, narrow garden resulted in an elongated plan. A geometric form entirely clad in shingles, combined with the transparent corner and rotated siting at the rear of the garden lends the studio a distinct presence and identity.

The aim was to design a contemporary, well-crafted studio that fit with the traditional surroundings; the use of materials, detailing and exceptional craftsmanship in the construction play an important role here. Durable black-varnished red cedar shingles envelop the structure from the walls to roof, the colour recalling black painted wooden sheds found in the region. The use of shingles enabled the application of a uniform material to minimise the roof line, thereby accentuating the studio’s sculptural quality. Approximately 2000 shingles were sanded and painted by hand, and individually mounted onto the structure.